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HONOR vs Disrespect

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HONOR is best demonstrated at home!

Why is it so difficult to get along with family members? It is easy to look and act my best when I'm in the office but when why is it when I get home - that's when the irritation starts?! Why am I nicer to outsiders compared to my family members? What a paradox!

When staying under the same roof, we see each other for who we really are (warts and all) - here's where the character quality of HONOR proves itself. Am I willing to treat each person with dignity regardless of personal gain? Do I see beyond my sibling's weaknesses and embrace his or her personal worth? What about my parents? They need my HONOR more as they age.

The home is an ideal training ground for character building. I am of the personal conviction that if my family life is in order, my work life will also be in order. Start treating those at home right with HONOR and you will be surprised at your own personal growth when faced with relationship challenges at work!

Five Keys to Building HONOR
1. Look BeyondRespect the person, regardless of the disposition..
2. Respect AuthorityMake sure your attitudes reflect respect for the principles of authority and order..
3. Heed the CallUnderstand others, and invest your whole effort in each relationship and assignment..
4. Remember Your EldersHonor those who have gone before you, particularly those to whom you can personally express your gratitude..
5. Value CharacterHonor others for their character, not for their wealth or social status.

HONOR on the Job ...
* Overlook annoying mannerisms or habits and identify ways you can help coworkers grow and succeed.
* Treat your immediate supervisor with the same respect you would give the president of your organization.
* Avoid making light of your coworkers, their contributions, or their ideas. You never know from whom you may learn something.
* Even though you may dislike an authority, respect the principle of authority and the importance of order.
* Give leaders room to make decisions, and defer to their positions.
* Keep parents or mentors informed about your life. Tell them how you are applying the lessons they taught you.
* Remember others' birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

Why is HONOR Important?
1. Brings Greater OpportunitiesIf you learn to understand and deal with people, your authorities will place greater confidence in your ability to accomplish goals and create a positive environment for others..
2. Earns a HearingGood manners communicate your esteem for others and give others a good reason to listen when you speak..
3. Strengthens ConnectionsLoyalty to a wise authority will make him or her more willing to offer sound advice and supply important connections.. Builds an Atmosphere of HarmonyAs you habitually honor others, your example reinforces a positive atmosphere where individuals feel valued and where conflicts are handled constructively.

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