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Friday, April 10, 2009

SINCERITY is being as genuine on the inside as we appear on the outside. It is about making sure that the label really represents the ingredients! In a world obsessed with bottom line results, the end often justify the means but this is not so .. if SINCERITY is an important character quality for you. A SINCERE individual is not only concern with WHAT is done but also HOW it is done. The motivation is as important as the method.

Five Keys to Building SINCERITY
1. Say What You Mean. Do not allow the methods you use to obscure the message you communicate..
2. Mean What You Say. Make sure the impressions you give others prove to be accurate representations of reality..
3. Practice What You Preach. Put your words into practice. Nothing reveals insincerity like saying one thing and doing another..
4. Do Not Be a Hypocrite. Handle disagreeable feelings carefully, and commit your whole self to what is right..
5. Show Your True Colors. When you express or imply an opinion, make sure it represents your true thoughts and feelings.

SINCERITY on the Job ...
* Do not make agreements you cannot fulfill. Be honest about your priorities, abilities and schedule.
* When asked for your opinion, tactfully state what you believe to be true. Do not mislead with ambiguity.
* Do not worry about appearing consistent. Rather, concentrate on doing what is right and say what is true.
* Do not use friends as a means to attain your own ends. Honor faithfulness and integrity , not connections.
* Base decisions on what is right, not on what others will think. If you are wrong, admit it and make the correction.
* Do not attempt to appear more knowledgeable than you are. False perceptions of your ability often harm more than they benefit.
* Consider carefully the words you use. If you do not use words precisely, you will encounter difficulty communicating clearly.

Why is SINCERITY Important?
1. Builds Respect. To the same degree that people despise hypocrites, they respect those who show sincerity and have integrity..
2. Reinforces Credibility. When others observe your consistent desire to search out the truth and do what is right, they will feel much more confident in trusting your judgment and relying on your responsibility..
3. Helps Address Challenges. Honesty with yourself allows you to address challenges rather than leave them unresolved or attempt to conceal them..
4. Provides Perspective. As you gain experience, you will develop and reinforce habits that will give you the background and insight you need to overcome future challenges and encourage those with similar experiences.

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