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Forgiveness : Lessons for the Family

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A shepherd is responsible to care for and protect his sheep. Sheep are dependent animals and must be shown what to eat, where to drink and where to rest. They must also be protected from predators. Many times this task is difficult, because sheep are prone to wander and stray from the flock.

Similarly, as a parent - the character quality of FORGIVENESS - "clearing the record of those who have wronged me and not holding a grudge." is so necessary in order for me to be an effective and loving father. How can I practice forgiveness at home as both a father and husband?

* Learn to use my ears more than my mouth. Find out more about the other person's needs before imposing my own.
* Discipline my kids in love and not in anger. Making sure that each correction is concluded with a sense of forgiveness (not bitterness and anger).
* Be transparent to share feelings. Keeping it bottled inside only delays the eruption, not resolved it.
* When confronted with rude words, I must deliberately respond with a kind voice instead. The one who controls his spirit is better than one who controls a city.

Why is forgiveness important? I guess it is because I need the forgiveness of others as well! Just knowing the fact that I am not perfect should cause me to be willing to extend forgiveness as I have received it.

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